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Hi, I'm Sheree!


I live in Jervis Bay, on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia with my husband and two kids.

I have always loved art. At school, it was my favourite subject and when hubby and I purchased our first home,

 I made art to fill our blank walls.  

Adult life, work and then kids came along and that put any creative aspirations I had on hold. 

I started painting again to carve out some time for myself, as a means of self-care and personal growth.

My career has exposed me to vicarious trauma, working with people with complex needs. My art practice has become a mindfulness exercise for me, a form of art therapy.

I currently enjoy exploring the simplicity of repetitive mark-making, capturing moments in time. Lines of experiences, adventures and explorations that are etched into our memories.

I also enjoy creating more geometric works, exploring the female form and its strength and beauty.

My playful abstract works are fun, bright, and full of happiness. I enjoy working with vibrant colour palettes that bring smiles to faces and joy to the observer. 

My art brightens up spaces with the power of colour and simplicity.

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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