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2021 Recap- My Year of Creativity

2021 was the year I rekindled my creativity. I made the time to play, to explore, to take risks, to learn and to push myself.

I get bored easily and each year I seem to unintentionally come up with something new to immerse myself in, learn and research as much as I can and keep me interested in life. I’m an avid hobby collector and hate to sit still.

It started with a simple pour painting in April and that was the start of something great! What originally started as a little hobby has turned into a little bit more than that. I soon realised that if I wanted to keep creating, I needed to keep works moving out - or I would quickly run out of room on my walls!

I created an Instagram and Facebook page and by July, I had developed my own website. In July I was also accepted to display my art in a new retail space – Co.LAB in Berry NSW. It’s a sweet collective shop full of beautiful handmade, ethical and local items from beautiful creatives. It has a gorgeous vibe and it’s a pleasure to have my work gracing their walls.

In August I started writing a blog. I quite like the process of thinking about blog topics and writing my thoughts down. I try to mix it up a bit, some posts with tips and advice, along with what I’m up to in the art studio and other related art pieces.

In September, I sold my first large scale artwork on Bluethumb – an online art Gallery for Australian artists. It was such a thrill to know there are strangers out there who like my art enough to purchase it, and not just kind family members and friends who are supporting me in my new endeavour.

In December I was commissioned by a beautiful local couple to paint my first mural, which was an interesting and challenging adventure. Painting geometric shapes onto wavy Colorbond is no mean feat! The clients were so happy with the end result and I was ever so thankful for the opportunity to try something new.

I have truly immersed myself in everything art-related; podcasts, online training and tutorials. I’m like a sponge- trying to absorb as much information as I can. I’m loving all the knowledge I’m gaining about the art world. I have learnt a lot about other things too – like how to build a website, make an online shop, photograph art, marketing and how to make reels on Instagram and try to grow my audience.

I’m still very early in the infancy of my artistic pursuits and I certainly still create a lot of terrible art, but I’ve had such a wonderful year doing so. And when I do make a piece I'm happy with it sparks so much joy!

I’m stoked at how I’ve managed to fit all of this in, along with working a full-time day job, raising two kids and running a household. Luckily, I have a super supportive husband by my side who supports me in all my crazy endeavours. I think lockdown certainly helped take a few things off my plate and spend more time at home. It will be interesting to see how I go juggling it all in 2022, adding back in all the kids after school activities and our social commitments again!

I look forward to the year ahead, growing and developing my style further and the experiences and challenges I'm yet to face. I look forward to new opportunities and further exploration.

Thanks for following along on my art journey to date and to all those that have supported me with kind comments, likes and purchases, you are all so amazing.


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