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My love for Sydney Harbour - A Geometric Abstract painting of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

My childhood was dotted with trips to the city.

In 1988 as a 3-year-old, I sat on the harbour bridge, acknowledging Australia's Bicentenary. Check out that little cutie!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, who would have found this day highly distressing and I truly hope we have made some progress as a country in the last 33 years since this picture was taken.

Okay...... back to the story.....

I have climbed the harbour bridge and have been to an Opera in the Opera House.

As a teenager living in the western suburbs of Sydney, a train ride with friends to the “big smoke” was almost a right of passage, a coming of age.

Walking around the city, taking in its hustle and bustle, the beauty of its buildings and architecture, the city sounds, its smells.

I always dreamt of living there one day, my best friend and I daydreaming during Maths class about the jobs we would have and our funky little townhouse in Newton we would occupy.

Nothing would take my breath away like that initial glimpse of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. Two architectural masterpieces, standing proud for the whole world to see. They are truly a beauty to behold.

Of course, life takes it own path and those teenage dreams didn’t come to fruition. I left Sydney at 19, to follow my love to North Queensland. I do still enjoy visiting Sydney on occasion and soaking in our beautiful harbour town.

My heart goes out to all the Sydneysiders doing it tough on stay at home orders due to the Covid outbreak at the moment. Also in my thoughts are all those businesses and tourist operators who rely on international and interstate tourist flocking to Sydney - it is truly devastating.

pastel coloured geometric painting of sydney opera house and harbour bridge

I really enjoyed creating this abstract geometric piece titled Harbourtown, acknowledging my love of Sydney, The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I have learnt a few things on my last couple of abstract works which really made this one flow easily.

I love the sharp hardedge structured lines and the softer pastel colour palette. It is calling me to make a few more architectural inspired geometric abstract works of my favourite places around this beautiful country I'm so thankful to call home.

Now available in my shop - check it out right here.

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