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Alcohol Ink Greeting Cards | Gorgeous Mini Works of Abstract Art

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I’m having a great time playing around with Alcohol Inks and learning how to manipulate this medium. It’s a tricky thing to get the hang of, plenty of trial and error, crossing fingers and hoping for the best!

What I end up with is plenty of less than perfect results, where I’m not particularly satisfied with the composition and not sure how to get it to a place where I'm happy to share it with the world.

With these piling up, I came up with a plan to handcraft greeting cards from them. On the smaller scale of a card, the compositions work and result in a lovely, personal and one-of-a-kind, handmade greeting card. Brilliant!

set of five colourful alcohol ink gift cards on table

I don't like to be wasteful and this is a great way to give these Alcohol Ink artworks a new lease on life and not take up space in my studio!

I will gift them as a little “thank you” to collectors who buy pieces of my art. I also have the cards available to purchase here, for those who just like me, always like to have a stash of cards on hand to suit any occasion!

I loved making these sweet little beauties and I hope they put a smile on the faces of those who receive them. It also takes the pressure off trying to produce an amazing piece of art every time and knowing they won’t go to waste!

If you'd like to see the works that made the cut and didn't "get the chop", I have a few beautiful Alcohol Ink works available over on my Shop page.

collection of colourful alcohol ink gift cards

With everyone so isolated from each other at the moment, a sweet little card, checking in on your friends and family will be sure to make their day!

Happy Days ahead!


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