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Inspiring Australian South Coast NSW Artists & Mums

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The South Coast of NSW in Australia is abundant with creativity.

I have discovered some amazing local female artists who have really inspired me this year. They have truly demonstrated the art of juggling creative purists with raising kids. These strong women are resilient, determined and amazingly talented.

Check out a few of my favourites!

Lauren Ward

I first met Lauren through our children’s school. We both have boys in the same grade and over the past four years, a lovely friendship has developed between us.

Lauren has been a wonderful inspiration to me, encouraging me to get back into creating art, after a long creative break whilst raising young children. I love visiting her studio and talking about all things art, whenever we get a chance to catch up!

Lauren draws her inspiration from observations of the natural environment. She has a passion for colour and botanicals and is well known for her beautifully colourful Banksia and Protea works. Her colourful rainbow works bring so much joy!

You can see more of her work over on Instagram @laurenlillylonnie_art and at

three colourful floral paintings

Image of Lauren's work from @laurenlillylonnie_art.

Sheldon Watts

Kiama artist Sheldon Watts is truly inspiring. Diagnosed with a severe degenerative invisible illness called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, this has impacted her ability to create art in a lot of ways, but she still does what she loves, when she can. She manages all this while raising two very energetic boys. I take my hat off to her, she's one strong woman!

Sheldon creates beautiful bold and colourful alcohol ink works, which are full of life and happiness. She is a beautiful soul, inside and out and I'm so blessed to have connected with her.

Check out her stunning pieces on Instagram @sheldonwattsart.

two abstract alcohol ink paintings in blue purple black

Image from Sheldon's Instagram @sheldonwattsart.

Alexandra Strong

Artist Alexandra Strong lives in the beautiful town of Berry with her young family.

She is a well-established artist with plenty of experience under her belt and a stunning portfolio of work.

Alex is known for her bold colours, layers and use of patterns. Her abstract floral work is full of colourful blooms and they are some of my favourites. She recently released a linen textile cushion range of these works. Stunning.

She also likes to throw in a bit of still life work to keep things interesting and these paintings celebrate the everyday and household tabletop.

Check out Alex’s inspirational range of works at and on Instagram @alexandrastrongart.

abstract floral painting by Artist Alexandra Strong

Image from Alex's Instagram @alexandrastrongart.

Jess Hutchinson

I first came across Jess’ work in Lauren Ward’s home studio. A beautiful calendar of exquisite birds caught my eye and I could not believe someone had painted it!

Every. single. feather. stroke.

That someone is the gorgeous fellow "curly girl", Jess Hutchison. A mum of two who juggles mum duties with creating stunning pieces of fine art.

Jess paints vibrant modern Australian art and is well known for her beautifully breathtaking and colourful Australian birds. The intricate layers, lines and details are truly a joy for the eyes.

Check out Jess’ incredible Australian birds and flora over at her website and on Instagram @jesshutchison_art.

colourful painting of native Australian birds and flowers

Image from Jess' Instagram @jesshutchison_art

Aren't they all amazing? I'm such a fan of COLOUR!

Be sure to leave me a comment if you know of anyone else who is a must-follow... I'm sure there are so many more local talents I'm yet to discover.

Go and show these ladies some love and follow them over on Instagram. They will certainly brighten up your feeds.

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