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My 3 Favourite Australian Art Podcasts

In my quest for knowledge and thirst for researching everything art-related this year, I have come across some awesome Aussie art podcasts, with a few artists that I really love listening to on a regular basis. These women have no idea who I am, but to me, they almost feel like friends who I hang out with on my drive to work each morning. I’m like a sponge, happy to absorb as much information and wisdom as I can from those that have walked this path before me.

Laura Horn

One of the first art podcasts I stumbled across was Laura Horn Art. Her down to earth nature, calm voice and honesty are so refreshing and a pure pleasure to listen to. Laura provides plenty of practical tips for people wanting to build an art business and lead a creative life. I have really enjoyed this past season's - “Redefining Success Series", where Laura interviewed some less “well-known” artists who make a sustainable income from their art practices, despite not having a huge social media following.

Laura and her husband Ritchie both work in her art business, they have lovely warmth on-air and bounce off each other so wonderfully. You can really feel the love and support that they give to each other in this journey, and they have a bit of fun and banter along the way. After listening to her podcasts, I have taken one of Laura’s online courses and these are just as well-executed as her podcast.

Susan Nethercote

Susan Nethercote’s podcast is another of my favourites and an incredible wealth of information. I really enjoy Susan's interviews with other artists, her art business knowledge, and the experiences she is happy to share with the world. Susan reflects on her own art practice, shares her highs and lows with true honesty, discusses her recent diagnosis of ADHD, mental health and balancing running an art practice with raising a young family.

The chemistry between Susan and her fellow artist and podcast sidekick Steph, is infectious. They bounce off each other and the conversations can go from very deep and raw to fits of laughter in seconds! Steph’s bubbly nature and giggles are contagious and they both bring a lot of wonderful knowledge to the podcast. It feels like you're hanging out with two of your hilarious besties and unpacking all the stuff that’s going on in their lives and art practices. Love it.

Art Wank

I’m only just getting into Art Wank, but it’s a bit of fun!

Two comical, curious artists Fiona Verity and Julie Nicholson interview artists, curators, gallery owners, teachers and all the creatives they can find. It's super casual and relatively unstructured, there are lots of laughs and they don’t take things too seriously. I love that these self-titled “middle class” ladies from the North Shore of Sydney don’t mind dropping the occasional F-bomb as they keep it real. I’ve only listened to a few of their podcasts to date, but they interview some very interesting artists and there is plenty of laughs to be had.

So, there you have it- my top 3 favourite Aussie art podcasts that I’ve stumbled across so far. If you have any other suggestions for awesome art podcasts that are worth a listen, drop me a comment below and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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