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My Favourite Artists Named Anna!

When I started to think about Aussie artists that I really love, I was surprised to realise a lot of them all have one thing in common – they are all named “Anna”.

So here are my top three favourite Aussie artists called Anna and why I love them.

Anna Price

This chick just rocks. I have a serious girl crush on this amazing Sydney Artist who just oozes coolness. I love her attitude, the fact she doesn’t take herself too seriously and her highly entertaining Instagram feed. Her art is funky, fresh and an adventure for the eyes.

She names her artworks random things like “Clean Car Feels” “Cheech & Chong” “Eggs Benedict” and “Who Wants Asparagus” and I just totally dig her originality.

Anna is an Interior Designer, turned Artist in 2019 and her career has exploded since then. She does mainly large scale works in a busy abstract expressionist style, along with more geometric and cubist works.

You can find her work over at and on Instagram @annaprice_art.

(Images via Anna's Website)

Anna Cole

Continuing with my love of Artists named “Anna”, is Melbourne based Artist Anna Cole. I am really drawn to her geometric, loosely cubist feel and her colour palettes are epic. I love the retro feel of her works, which goes hand in hand with my deep love of mid-century furniture and interior design.

Last year she completed her first mural- it was fantastic! I look forward to seeing her do more of this type of art in the future.

You can find her current work over at Greenhouse Interiors and on Instagram @annacoleartist.

(images via Greenhouse Interiors website)

Anna Blatman

Anna Blatman has been a professional Australian Artist since 1993. Based in Melbourne, she has a unique style and a love of colour, flowers, landscapes and birds - I particularly love her cute birds! I love the richness, layers and texture in her works - they are so yummy!

I was ecstatic for her when one of her works appeared on The Block last year – what amazing recognition and exposure for a wonderful Aussie Artist.

Check her art out at and on Instagram @annablatman

(Images via Anna's website)

What a wonderful bunch of Anna’s.

I hope you enjoyed checking out their work and the women that inspire me in my own creative pursuits.

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