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My First Sale on Bluethumb! | Geometric Hardedge Nude Abstract | In Her Skin

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Last weekend was a big one for me; I sold my first piece of art on Bluethumb!


colourful abstract painting of female sitting with crossed legs
"In Her Skin" 2021

Bluethumb is an online art gallery for Australian Art. It has over 200,000 artworks listed and I am thrilled that out of all of them, someone loved mine enough to buy it. It was a wonderful pick me up and just what I needed to keep chipping away at my art practice.

The fabulous thing about Bluethumb is it’s great for everyone involved. For me, I get great exposure, more eyes on my work. The more people that see it, the more chance there is of someone falling in love with one of my pieces.

Bluethumb has been amazing to deal with, and their communication and support have been excellent. They organise the invoice, process payments and booked the courier to collect my work. Easy. All I had to do was get it ready to ship!

From a collector’s perspective, the listed price includes shipping and the collector benefits from a 7-day return policy which is great, especially considering the collector has not viewed the art in real life. Bluethumb is a wonderful, risk-free way to buy art online.

Now, packaging a large artwork in order to survive a trip to Melbourne unscathed was quite a task! Luckily, I have an amazing husband who helped me out and did a top-notch job of it, as he does with absolutely everything he puts his mind to. I cannot sing this man’s praises enough!

There was lots of Youtube video’s and research, to discover the best art shipping practices and we learnt a lot in the process. I’m sure I’ll (well, let's say "we") get quicker and more efficient at it with each sale.

I was a little bit emotional seeing my artwork walk away in the courier's arms on Tuesday. I didn’t realise how attached I’d get to these pieces I created. It was like a child growing up and leaving home, or a little piece of my heart going off into the world.

Pleasingly, I had a lovely email and photo's today from the family who had just hung it in their dining room. They love it, and even their 13-year-old daughter said it was the "Nicest art they had purchased!" I'll take that as a win - teenage critics are the toughest!

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