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"Octopus's Garden" - Mindfulness Line Art

I have been working very small recently, in preparation for a 30x30cm group exhibition with my "Lines of Time" series of works. So once they were all done, I was keen to go big again!

I started work on this 91x121cm piece a few weeks ago.

Yes, this is me on a Sunday morning in my pyjamas- it's winter here, so Ugg boots and dressing gowns are LIFE!

There isn't usually a lot of planning going into these first layers, I'm usually using leftover paint colours from previous works that I want to use up. My only thought for this piece was to try and do something a little earthy and natural. That didn't happen.

I really enjoy painting in this style - the meditative, repetitive lines mean my brain can switch off for a bit and be with the process, not having to overthink or problem solve until towards the end. It is at that point I need to start making some decisions on composition and what's working and what's not.

Last week, I was pretty close to finishing this piece but I still wasn't 100% happy. I popped it up on the wall in my house so I could sit with it a bit.

I had painted this piece in a landscape format with all intentions of it to be a very abstract landscape. As much as the above was okay, it wasn't exciting me - I didn't LOVE it.

So I did what I have done previously with these line works and I turned it around.


I loved it in the portrait orientation. It seems to be a regular occurrence with the works in this series, I paint them one way and then prefer them another way at the end!

What do you think? What do you prefer?

I guess at the end of the day the collector can hang it any way they like and I will make sure my signature allows for either orientation.

She's now off at the framers to get a pretty frame- can't wait to see her once shes done!

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