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Why I Don't Want To Be A Full-Time Artist

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Artist Sheree Smith sitting in her art studio

Being an Artist is hard work. Making a decent living from it is even harder!

As my art gains momentum, the sales start coming in and the followers start growing, I've had work colleagues saying "you will have to quit your day job soon!"

Nope. No thanks.

I am really enjoying my painting practice. Painting because I want to and I'm loving the challenge and excitement of it all, not because I need to make some money to feed my family, pay bills, or pay the mortgage. I'm painting for the pure joy of it and the joy it brings others to hang a piece of my art in their homes.

I'll admit, I like to be in control. I'm a perfectionist. I like stability. Dependability. Reliability. Security. I spend my work days calculating risk. I don't like financial risk or money pressure. I love the security of having a payday every fortnight where I get the same amount, fortnight after fortnight. This art gig is very up and down... unreliable. From what I've seen, ***most*** people that call themselves a "full-time" artist, don't make a living off painting alone. You will see them supplementing their income by running workshops, art classes, online classes, making you-tube videos, mentoring or coaching.

I'm very fortunate to have a great Monday to Friday job that I enjoy - most of the time!

I work with wonderful people, I get paid well and my work hours are very flexible too. I get paid when I go on a holiday and when I'm sick.

I already know that the pressure of having to bring in consistent, regular money from my art would kill the joy of painting and stress me out to the max when the sales are quiet.

I'm quite happy to keep this gig a part-time thing and keep the fun and joy it brings me. So any workmates who were eying off my job - you can't get rid of me that easily!

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