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Why Lines?

Updated: Sep 8

As an artist, it's sometimes hard to articulate where we draw our inspiration.

I had a friend ask - why the lines? It's a very good question.

When I start to take notice of my immediate surroundings, I notice I LOVE lines. I love the simplicity of shape and form. I like neat. I like organised. I like structure.

I thought I'd share some of the lines I love around my home, which might help you understand the answer to the question - why lines?

Where we live, our backyard has a lovely bush outlook. The trees are tall and straight. A bushfire has made the trunks stand out - the dark black bark contrasting against the green. The repetitive lines are evident.

Australian backyard looking out over tall gumtrees

In our backyard, we also planted Tiger Grass along our fenceline. It has made a feature for our alfresco area and a great screen to hide the neighbours! I love their form and on mass, they look very effective. Lots and lots of lines there!

Tiger Grass growing in garden bed

Inside, I have a pretty darn impressive indoor plant collection. Some would call it an obsession... There are a lot of plants, but one of my absolute favourites would have to be the Calathea Musacia. She has the most interesting leaves - look at those lines!!! She is also one of the easiest Calathea's to keep alive, so I love her even more. Isn't nature clever?

Calathea Musacia indoor plant

Here is another Calathea that's a little bit more temperamental but just as stunning with the lines she produces. This is the Calathea Obifolia- do not buy one if you are good at killing indoor plants... she's a bit of a princess!

Calathea Obifolia indoor plant

And with a sneak peek into our bedroom, check out our quilt cover. Here we are again with nice simple repetitive lines. I'm telling you, it's my jam! You can also see the lines of the Tiger Grass through this picture window too.

Bedroom linen patterned with repetitive lines and tiger grass in background through a picture window

So there you have it. A little glimpse into my daily world and the lines that fill it.

The are however lines that don't bring me joy - including traffic lines, checkout lines and frown lines. Nobody likes those!

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