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Better Together

I painted this artwork during the week I was stuck at home with Covid. I was a little bit under the weather, but not too sick that I couldn't sit and paint - and look after the rest of the family of course!

Looking at the positive side, we never get to have a whole week off work and school, with absolutely no commitments, staying home as a family. It was rather nice really. A week of hanging out and chilling. Not the usual rushing, hustle and bustle of life. Not having to do all the things and juggle all the balls.

I titled this artwork "Better Together" because that's what we are. It's also the song my Hubby and I had our first dance to when we got married, so it has a special place in my heart.

I look forward to our family trip around parts of Australia next year, where we will have a whole 3 1/2 months together, just the 4 of us. Making memories, spending quality time together and enjoying life, away from the daily grind.

We may not want to come back!

This piece will be available very soon as part of my "Home" collection. If you love it, be sure to sign up to my mailing list to get VIP access before everyone else.

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