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Expressive Landscape Workshop

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Last weekend I took part in an online Expressive Landscape painting workshop hosted by the lovely and very experienced, Clair Bremner.

I have not completed an art workshop via Zoom before but hasn’t COVID really expanded our horizons with so many more options for learning now. I could stay in my trackies and ugg boots and paint the weekend away in the comfort of my own home.

I told the hubby and kids that I was locking myself away in the art studio for the weekend and to pretend I’d gone away. A "do-not-disturb" sign hung on the studio door and I was ready to go!

I’ve been keen to start experimenting with some landscape painting. Next year we are going on a trip around Australia and I’m going to see some amazing landscapes that will certainly be sure to inspire me. I know I will come home from the trip full of ideas bursting to get out onto the canvas.

I came across Clair’s work and love the looseness of her landscapes, the vibrant colour palettes she uses and the fun and happiness that beam from her expressive work.

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. Clair covered composition, perspective, colour mixing, colour values, colour studies and plenty of acrylic painting techniques and tricks.  I love that she uses a very limited colour palette and creates such an array of stunning colours that all harmonise so lovely together.

It was so fun to paint along with a group, all bringing our own interpretation of Clair's teachings to the works we produced. I still have a bit of work to go on the two canvases I painted over the weekend to get them to the point where I'm happy with them.

I look forward to continuing to develop my landscape painting and uncovering my own personal style by taking the skills learnt from Clair and diving further into this landscape journey.

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