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The Year Of 2022 In Review

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

close up of artist Sheree Smith and three pieces of her original abstract art

It’s always lovely to reflect on my art practice at the end of each year to stop and see how I have grown, pushed myself and what I have achieved. The year just flies by and it’s nice to pause for a moment, document my journey and give myself a bit of a pat on the back! It's also a chance to wrap things up and show gratitude to all those that have supported me throughout the year.

It certainly was an excellent year for my art practice. So many artworks found loving homes throughout the year. It was just mind-blowing and I literally can't paint quickly enough, which is a lovely problem to have. I pinch myself every day that people want to spend their hard-earned money on my art and hang it in their homes! It's such an honour and a pleasure. I get such a thrill receiving photos and reading the lovely feedback from collectors who are loving their new artworks.

I've had artworks find homes all around Australia, as well as the USA. I've also just started work on a large Commission piece for a baby's room in London UK. My commission clients have all been so wonderful and easygoing, it's been so amazing to work with them all to create their personal pieces.

2022 had me participating in my first exhibitions. I was invited to participate in two exhibitions at King & Ayres in Wollongong. The “Thirty 30” in August 2022 was my first exhibition, it was so exciting to be involved and fun to celebrate on opening night with champagne in hand. All 5 of my works sold very quickly and this was a lovely boost to my confidence.

After my success at this exhibition, I was invited again to participate in another group exhibition at King & Ayres in November 2022 – which was to be their last exhibition before closing the doors (insert my sad face here!) I had 9 works including some larger-scale works on display and I was once again over the moon when all of the works sold out within the first week of the exhibition opening. I am genuinely grateful to Tracy who gave me the opportunity to display in her beautiful gallery space and find so many new collectors of my work.

This year I also entered a couple of local exhibitions – The Shoalhaven Art Society Exhibition in September and the Escape Artfest exhibition at Ulladulla in October. It was so fun to see my works hanging in local venues amongst such talented artists.

I hosted a couple of pot painting workshops in my backyard studio which was lots of fun. I madly painted pots for Co.LAB Berry throughout most of the year; however, with my art practice gaining momentum, I had too much on my plate to dedicate the time to pot painting and wanted to focus my time on my paintings on canvas.

Hand painted pots on brick path with grass behind

My Instagram following has also gained lots of momentum growing from 300 followers in August to over 12,000. Take that you crappy Instagram algorithm!! And I haven't even resorted to silly dancing reels... winning! Thank you to everyone that has joined me this year and stuck around. I hope I bring some colour and happiness to your day as you scroll through your feeds.

I was so chuffed to see on Instagram a few months back, a Year 1 class in Sydney studying and painting my work – what a delight to see those kids creating their own masterpieces inspired by my art! So fun.

Wow, what a year! All while juggling full-time work, mum duties and trying to fit in some "me time" in the gym too.

In 2023 I plan to slow down the pace a little. We are going on a 3 1/2 month holiday in April, to travel around some beautiful parts of Australia. I'm looking forward to some quality family time away from all our usual commitments and making wonderful memories.

That's me signing off for the year, thank you to everyone that has followed along, given me opportunities, support, encouragement, likes and purchased pieces of my heart.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and year ahead.

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