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WARNING..... Crazy Pot lady ahead - check out my Sheree Smith Art original hand-painted pots!

Anyone that knows me, knows I've had an indoor plant obsession for the past few years.

It started with a little fiddle leaf fig my hubby bought me for Christmas in 2019. Then it exploded. Over the next year, I filled our home with plants. Lots of plants!

Now, I’m a minimalist by nature, so my house is generally clean, tidy and uncluttered. So when I hit 50 indoor plants I stopped. I know this sounds like a lot of plants. But I have a plant shelf in my living room that holds about 15 of them and the rest are spread out throughout the remaining 9 rooms in the house.

I researched how to care for them and soon became known as the guru of indoor plants amongst my friends and family, providing advice on their sick and dying indoor plants!

I’ve managed to keep all these babies alive and happy and I love them. They bring life to my home and make me happy. As they grew, I started to propagate them and give them away as gifts.

So it makes perfect sense that I got an itch with my artistic aspirations to slap some paint on a few pots. It combines my two loves - painting and pot plants!

The pots and baskets are lots of fun to create and they add a bit of colour, life and personality into your home!

I’ve been madly painting pots over the last few weeks, ready for tomorrows launch of my pot collection at Co.LAB Berry. Co.LAB will be now stocking my original art, pots and cards and I’m super excited for this next chapter in my artistic journey. It was really hard to decide which pots would be in the first drop... a bit like picking a favourite child!

I hope you love these little gems as much as I do making them.


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